Shine Bright with Solar: The Benefits of Going Solar in San Diego

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Co-founder Kelly Shawhan is a former United States Marine Corps captain and contractor with more than 20 years of experience. John Almond is a San Diego native who has worked in the construction business for 20 years, and renewable solar San Diego energy for six years. The company hires veterans whenever it can, and offers discounts for military, police, and firefighters. Headquartered in San Diego, Semper Solaris is a local, veteran-owned solar installer.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as people are starting to realize the benefits it offers. One of the best places to go solar is in San Diego, California. The city is known for its sunny weather throughout the year, making it a perfect location for solar panels.

Here are some of the benefits of going solar in San Diego:

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It was a great investment, much better than leaving our money in the bank. We have avoided the $200 – $300 electric bills and may have enough electricity to sell it back to Edison. While costs can be a lot up front, solar panels can help save you money on your energy bill in the long run. Certain incentive programs may make installing solar panels worth the investment. For instance, folks who install solar panels between 2022 and 2032 may be able to take advantage of a dollar-for-dollar solar tax credit of up to 30% of the system’s overall cost.

Cost Savings

Its professionals currently serve the California Bay Area from the firm’s base in San Diego, and they now provide clients with Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Systems. It’s possible for your home to run strictly on solar panels, but this will depend on the efficiency of your solar panels, the size of your home and how much energy, on average, it’s using. That said, a battery storage system will also be required to ensure a constant supply of electricity, especially during stretches of low sunlight.

One of the most significant advantages of going solar is the cost savings that come with it. By using solar energy, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills. San Diego residents can save an average of $1,500 on their electricity bills each year by going solar. This amount can add up over time, resulting in significant cost savings.

Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is renewable and clean, making it an environmentally friendly option. By using solar energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. San Diego has set a goal to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2035, and going solar can help achieve this goal.

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Incentives and Rebates

In fact, over 90% of San Diego County Solar customers are referred to us by our happy customers. Our team of experienced installers will treat your home as if it were their own. SunPower designs, engineers, and manufactures all of its systems and offers 25-year complete system warranties for its products.

The state of California offers incentives and rebates to encourage people to switch to solar power. San Diego residents can get a federal tax credit of up to 26% of the cost of the solar system. Additionally, there are local incentives and rebates available that can significantly reduce the cost of the system.

Increased Home Value

Solar Energy San Diego

Solar panels can increase the value of your home. They are seen as a valuable addition to a property, especially in areas like San Diego that have abundant sunshine. A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that homes with solar panels sold for 20% more than homes without them.

In conclusion, going solar in San Diego has numerous benefits. From cost savings to environmental benefits and increased home value, switching to solar energy is a smart choice. With the incentives and rebates available, it has never been easier to make the switch to solar power.