earlier to any Ball, with choose Quadrilles, &c. Has an intensive information of the Manner by which French and English Balls are conducted, he respectfully presents his Services for this Purpose, and will undertake to conduct them in the finest Style. N.B.- As many Ladies and Gentlemen, who are

Isabella MELODIA

The first piece the grand Coronation March from “Le Prophète,” was commenced shortly after 8 o’clock. An overture by Auber followed, then the St. Patrick’s Quadrilles, a selection from “Un Ballo in Maschera,” a valse by Mr. Gassner, the comedian fantasia “A Night about Town,” by Basquit, another Traffic Controller MELODIA excellent composition by Mr. Gassner, a range from William Tell, and God save the Queen. The concert lasted for about an hour and a half, and was evidently much loved by those who listened to it.

Gassner, has simply been revealed by Elvy and Co. M. Gassner is popular as a intelligent arranger of music for the band over which he presides – that of H. fiftieth Regiment –

Australian Determine Skating Championship Results

and the masterly manner by which it was treated by the rev. lecturer . On Monday night the Rev. Mr. Gardner delivered a lecture to Mrs. Bell’s pupils and associates, on the cultivation of sacred music. The subject was handled in a very interesting method, and the lecture was listened to with a lot attention. We are in receipt of a communication from Mr. J. M. Wolfe, during which he states that he has engaged Mr. Henry Neil Warner, the great Australian tragedian, whose success at the Royal and Princess’s, Melbourne, has been nice;

a worthy colonist in the individual of Mr. William Galbraith, who died last evening after a short but painful sickness. If the old gentleman had lived until Monday next he would have attained to the age of 89 years, but his existence signifies an exception to the picture of old age so graphically painted in Ecclesiastes, for apart from deafness which affected him practically all his life, his vigour remained virtually unabated in the long run. Indeed, until he had passed his eighty-sixth yr he had by no means required a doctor’s consideration. Mr. Galbraith was an omnivorous reader, and really keen on poetry, and typically he wrote topical rhymes.

His HONOUR granted an injunction till the listening to or additional order; prices to be costs within the trigger. A hyperlink with the early history of Sydney and the Clarence and Richmond Rivers was severed at Bondi, Sydney, by the demise of Mrs. Emma Horniman, widow of Mr. John Horniman, who opened the primary financial institution (the Commercial of Sydney) at Lismore in 1873. Mrs. Horniman, who was ninety years of age, was born in Sydney. Her father, the late Mr. Francis Girard, chosen Waterview (above Grafton), the primary pastoral holding taken up on the Clarence.

A Biographical Register Of Australian Colonial Musical Personnel–g (ga-gly)

The Catholic Band favoured the basic public of Gympie with a deal with on Saturday evening last, on Commissioner’s Hill. Some glorious alternatives particularly well-played, were given, and there was however one opinion expressed, that Bandmaster Gates should spare no time in securing to his pupils such perfection as they have attained. A foot Regiment, nonetheless, being more to the taste of Signor Gassner, he left the Dragoons and joined the 50th “Queen’s Own” Regiment, with whom he has served ever since, at home and overseas.

Mr. G. V. Brooke was very pleasant with the old gentleman and his dainty little wife. Mr. Belfield as a businessman was held in a lot esteem. He was a grasp tailor in business in Sydney when he retired from the stage, and at one time stored the Victoria Hotel, which adjoined the old Victoria Theatre in Pitt street. Likewise he attempted to build a theatre in Oxford-street, but failed.

It had been first launched in Miska Hauser’s live performance in Sydney in April 1855 by the recently-arrived English actor-singer, Eliza Craven (daughter of Sidney Nelson). Neither of the brothers, Stephen Glover

His adventures in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, and on the highway between the colonies, are detailed at size, and include tragic, exciting, and amusing incidents. He tells the story of John Hambleton of Bible wagon superstar, had an journey with Captain Moonlight, was caught up by Johnston, the bushranger; was in gaol, and spent an evening within the condemned cell with a murderer, who was executed next day; spent a while as assistant to Professor Anderson, the Wizard of the North, &c. Thirty years ago, Joseph Gardiner was a popular inventory actor with Melbourne play-goers. His songs similar to “Things I don’t prefer to see” and others stuffed with local hits were at all times welcome.

The singers included Miss Maria Chalker, Mrs. Perraton, Mr. Buchan, Mr. W. Bunting, and a glee celebration. Master Stoneham, who is simply about fourteen years of age played a fantasia on the flute in a way that delighted the viewers. The duet, “The Elfin Call,” by Mrs. Perraton and Miss Chalker, was loudly applauded, and an encore demanded.